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Aden Gulf Fisheries Company Limited

is the flagship company of Al Huraibi Group has been established in the year 2002 by Mr. Hamdi Al Huraibi and located off the coast of the Gulf of Aden in the free zone port- Mansoora, Aden, Yemen. The core business of the company is the export of Fresh Chilled and Frozen seafood products to the global markets. The company is one of the leading of its kind in the Republic of Yemen.

The unique geographical location of the factory enable us easy procurement of very fresh catch from the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea within short time transportation and under time and temperature control.

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Ocean sustainability and maintaining our rich Middle Eastern Heritage is amongst our primary fundamentals.
Our Products
Our products feature the freshest produce available and are available in various forms of post processing and packaging for wholesale purchase and export.
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Arabian Scad
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Red Snapper
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Goat Fish
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